Original Campaign

An expansive capstone collaboration project between a dozen students, this campaign was created for TEDxCincinnatiWomen2018.

While sections were later reconfigured for TEDxCincinnati: Extraordinary, the non-profit's 2019 annual Main Stage event, my personal contributions to the campaign are detailed, below.

From T to D

The road from the beginning stages of development to the final campaign pitch was long and filled with many concepts and mock-ups. Each one of them was centered around the idea of getting people engaged and interacting with the campaign.

Here are a few early prototypes.

Card image cap

The Proposal

Four separate and complete campaigns were pitched to a small number of attendees representing TEDxCincinnati - including Director, Jami Lah. The best elements were chosen from each, including my augmented reality (AR) poster concept.

The Result

To celebrate TEDxCincinnatiWomen, we collectively designed a set of 12 unique campaign posters, each with its own answer to what it means to be an empowered woman, as well as their own accompanying AR experience to encompass all the best of technology, entertainment, and design.

The final poster layout is 17" x 5.5", or exactly half the standard poster size. While allowing for a more economic mass-printing strategy, the non-traditional dimensions are intended to cause a prominent visual statement.

Against the Current

This poster draws inspiration directly from mother nature, specifically, a river’s ability to carve its way through any obstacle on its way to joining with the ocean.

Each individual stream symbolizes an idea or action of an individual, striving and flowing against the current – against the norm – to ultimately come together forming a single, powerful river – a force of nature to be reckoned with.

Musical Attributes
Slow Motion - Bensound

Below is a compilation highlighting several original animations created by myself and other students, which I have adapted for social media usage.